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    Don’t Forget About Your Retainers!

    Don’t Forget About Your Retainers!

    Congratulations on completing your smile journey! We must say, that smile looks good on you, so go out and let those pearly whites shine bright like a diamond!



    The only thing more important than making the decision to start your smile journey is the everyday decision to keep up with your smile journey by wearing your retainer! Remember when we 1st met? Your teeth are going to want to shift back to their old ways and revert back to the place they once were. That is why wearing your retainer is so important! Your retainers will keep your smile from getting out of line!

    Whether you had traditional braces or used Invisalign, for any orthodontic treatment that involves moving your teeth, you will need to wear a retainer to keep your smile in line.


    We offer 2 types of retainers: a bonded permanent retainer and a removable retainer. Most patients will get one of each! A bonded permanent retainer on your lower teeth and a removable retainer for your upper teeth.



    If you ever lose your retainer or the bonding on the permanent retainer breaks,call us at 1-866-5-DR-GARY! We can set up an appointment to get you back to grinning all summer long!

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