Metal Braces: There’s Always a Silver Lining!

Metal braces still remain the most popular choice for today’s orthodontic patients. That’s because Master Series braces helps your orthodontist straighten your teeth quickly and in the best way possible. The o-ties that hold the wires in place can be just about any color imaginable, which means you can have a little fun and show off your braces with pride!

Clear Braces: The Clear Choice!

For a nearly invisible appearance, we offer sapphire braces. You won’t believe how great looking they are until you see them! With Radiance Plus braces you’ll enjoy the benefits of the clearest braces available, while taking comfort in knowing they have the durability your orthodontist needs to effectively deliver your ideal smile.

Retainers: Keep Your Teeth In Line!

Make an artistic statement with your retainer! We offer an array of colors to adorn your palate including colors with glitter! From baseballs, to cue balls, from city skylines to racetracks—our orthodontic lab can make a retainer that matches your personality!

Incidentals: They’re Free!

While you are in treatment you will have access to dental and orthodontic products. Need a toothbrush—it’s yours! Ran out of toothpaste — we’ve got it! Can’t find your favorite floss threader or travel toothbrush — our Doctor to the rescue! Just let us know what supplies you need and they’re yours for the taking!

Mouth Guards

An orthodontic mouth guard is different from a regular mouth guard as you do not boil it in hot water. The fit of an orthodontic mouth guard allows movement of the teeth and are a necessity to protect teeth and braces from injury. We provide our patients with an orthodontic mouth guard as a common courtesy. Higher duribility mouth guards are available at most sporting goods stores.